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The lost treasure By Maya Lydd

People had heard of the lost treasure, I was the last to hear of the fascinating myths. I was at the beach, alone, in the dark. I slowly stumbled up the piles of sand, waiting to be hit by the dark waves of the sea.
It was a dark cold night, my hands were cold and my heart was frozen. My brain was telling me I wouldn’t find it, but my heart was telling me to stumble on. I walked slower and slower as I trudged along the erosion beach, my feet were aching as I had no shoes on, the sand was making marks on my heels and toes. The sea was starting to ponder in, like an elephant running to its mum, the sea drifted over my feet, making them cold once more. I was looking for a certain thing, nothing would stop my eyes searching now, I was unstoppable. My eyes saw it glinting and sparkling in the moonlight, I had found it, finally it was mine, I would hide it away, so know one new, they would be torturing themselves, they would go through pain and tears to try and find something that’s not there, it was all mine, no one could take it from me. But then I had second thoughts, what did they ever do to me? Maybe I could get the bank to put it in their safe, or maybe I could share it with the whole village. What could I do?

The horse race

The gun went. The horses galloped at their absolute fastest. Their masters caning them frantically. The horses jumped their highest,trotted their fastest and finally galloped furiously past the finish line. Everyone had past the finish line except from Ben and his horse Cherry. They were the slowest pair, uncontrollably Ben and Cherry went round corners and leaped over high bushes. But Ben wanted this all to change there was another race coming up soon and he and Cherry were determined to not come last, not to win, but not to come last. The day had come. Unfortunately Ben posted ago. Ben was interviewed “But I thought I had enough time.”

The darkness!

I thought I had enough time,but I didn’t have time to do the kaioken attack … Stealthily Goten jumped out of a tree and in front of me… He was trying to defend me from…Cell! He had green leopard print skin and a huge tail. Me and Goten flew to Cell as fast as a jet to capture him for the Ginyu force and Chi Chi. I felt a shiver that ran though my body from my head to my toes.Cell was right behind me, I was scared than as a bat we flew home .We did take care of Cell of course…


Max was 30 years old and all he dreamed about is being a football player.He wanted to play for Barcelona, number 61.He liked football because his dad played for Manchester city. He was on his on his way to his first ever football match WHEN… All of a sudden his car started to stop and go and kept doing it for about 1 mile, he said “not now car please don’t do this to me!”On the m25 my car was not working.As he thought what his manager was going to be like he might of gone bananas. But when he lifted his bonnet steam poured out like a tap. But when he thought he had enough time time to fix the engine but it was hopeless! The match was about to start when the manager was on the phone…

my minecraft creeper diary number two!mission creepy moon started!

imagesdear diary,

I have a new mission, when I finish I will say.”one small step for creeper, a giant leap for creeper kind”Yes I will go to the moon!I will need,oil steel,space suit and a flag with a creeper on it.  I have steel and I know how to get oil, my old friend martyn brains [ a zombie] hue found it and had know idea what it was,me and my brain of TNT knew it was oil and he became rich, my old friend  should lend me some.For my space suit I will put a block of glass on  my head. And for the flag I will will make it with green and black wool. I hope I get there soon.


Two days ago,a boy found an exciting and extraordinary discovery in his garden shed.


This is the picture of the creature Michael found.

Michael the boy who found the creature,he told our journalist, “My dad told me not to go in there I did it anyway I found him just laying there”. That was Michael and how he found this amazing discovery.

We have scientist looking for more of these creatures. If you see one of these give us a call. There will be a million pound prize who ever calls first. The second will get a trip to Turkey please call 09049567. Take a photo so we can believe you.

The man Michael found had wings we don’t know yet if he can fly or not. Michael took him some where else he found him near the window sill and birds were feeding him is that amazing or not.

We will probably make an enclosure for this strange creature so everyone can see this mammal.

Curious creature caught crawling in shed

Yesterday, a boy found a mystical creature slumped in his garden shed. He doesn’t know how long it had been there for.

This happened on Sunday 30th March 2014 Michael Foreman ( aged 13), he made a huge discovery. This is a quote from Michael Foreman ” It looked like a bird but also, it looked like a man it was very confusing!” The shed was at Falconer Road


The mysterious creature

Michael claimed that the thing had wings. Here is another quote from Michael ” The wings looked dull and grey He saw it in the garden shed.

Hopefully he gets better so he get around more easy.

Curious creature caught lurking in shed!


The mystery man

A couple of days ago a young boy caught a creatureLurking in the garden shed. And doesn’t now what to do?

This happened on Sunday 30th march 2014 at7:00 pm on falcon road a boy (named Michel ) discovered a  man with wings In his shed. when the boy found him, the creature moved slowly. He found him while Michel was tidying the shed. The creature has wings and it’s a man Michel does not now what it is lets hear what he said: ” Hi I am Michel and I found a man with wings in my garden shed  all I was doing was tiding the shed then I found him” Michel does not know if he is a angel or not but people are trying to find out.The  boy told his mum but she didn’t listen so the boy went to the newspaper shop and told them. hopefully the man will get well and he gets moved out of the shed before it falls down , and kill the man , we will find out more later.

New Species Discovered


This is Skellig, when he was first found.

Yesterday, a young boy found a mythical man in his garage.

Michael Piggott, a ten year old boy, moved house a couple of weeks ago to Falconer Road, when his new baby sister was born. He was stuck inside, with nothing to do, so he decided to explore in the garden. He headed for the garage he noticed before him. Inside he discovered an unknown creature, lurking on a pile of flower pots.

Michael showed his friend (Mina) this extraordinary man/creature, and this is what she told us: ” I’m not sure, but… It felt like he had wings! When I tried to touch him, he glared at me angrily. He told me and Michael that his name was Skellig.”

Unfortunately, Skellig can only be witnessed by Michael and Mina, although we do have a photo of him, that is shown to the right of page. Apparently, he has a terrible condition of Arthritis, which makes it tricky for him to lots of the the things that we do every day. It makes life extremely hard.

Do you think that this will be the start of a new species or do you think it is all a joke?

Angel appears!


Mythical creature, Skellig

Last week a boy found a man in his back shed very surprising indeed.

13 year old Michael Forman made an extraordinary Find when he found, slumped, a weird but exciting creature called Skellig. He was half man half bird, a hybrid.

Michael suggests that what he saw was a angel, but we don ‘t know. Michaels friend, Mina, says that she saw an angel too. Leaky and Coot call Michael and Mina monkeys.

Mina is a very detailed drawer Michael and Mina said that they felt wings on this strange mans back. Is this true?
“Yes of cours it is the bloke had us flying around the room”, Announced Michael.

Has evolution gone one step further than humans?

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