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The Highwayman

The moonlight shined  as the ghostly moon made a dribbling path on the ground and it shone onto the mysterious Highwayman’s face as he galloped furiously , determined to get to his true love. At last he finally got to the old Inn, he crept in like a shadow, they both had a special connection it was like the Highwayman was the treasure and Bess was the key to his heart.

The opening of ‘The HighwayMan’ By MayaLydd

Have you ever heard of the Highwayman? If you haven’t, then your about to!
He trotted down the windy road, his black horse stumbling after every deep pot hole. The Highwayman came riding, riding, the Highwayman came riding, out through meandering road. He banged his tough brown whip on the shutters but it was all bared good, so he whistled a sweet tune to the window and then he was rewarded, as Bess’s head appeared.

The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. Read by 5B



Hello Mr Twiddle by Enid Blyton

Hello Mr Twiddle is all about funny and foolish things that Mr Twiddle does. Read on to find out some of my favourite bits and all about the two main characters.

Mr Twiddle does some really funny things some things are so silly like when he put the cat out in the dogs kennel or when he lost his glasses never the less they were in his sock. However my favourite was when he was poorly and he thought the hot water bottle was the cat. There are also so many more humorous stories in just the one book!

The character Mr Twiddle is so, so stupid somethings he would just finds so hard that we would find easy. His mrs’s, Mrs Twiddle is sensible and Mr Twiddle can really get on her nerves. What do you think of these characters?

I hope you like the sound of Hello Mr twiddle because it is such a great book. 8/10

my minecraft diary, space plan halted

Dear diary,

Today my plan in space was stopped by a dust cloud around the planet, so my plan was stopped, I took this time to make a new base with a room for aliens that are from Mars. Also I think I will make a space station with cool stuff like a tractor beam that will pull thing towards me so I can look at them, you never now what I could find. I hope I find some thing, good bye.

My minecraft creeper diary, I’m dancing on the moon

Diary dear,

I’m on the Moon as you guessed, and there are lots of new animals that I discovered like boblings, a thing made out of sticky slime, that hatch from really hard eggs, even TNT couldn’t brake it! And guess what I found blue prints for a even bigger rocket, this means that life can get to Mars,but there is only one way to find out, we must go on a intergalactic  space mission to find life!


I woke  at 6:00am, I turned on the light and had a stretch. I strolled over to my desk I sat on my chair, I then turned on my xbox and held out my controller, I signed in and started to play Minecraft, I created a new world. It was already 6:59am, but I thought I had enough time anyway, I was watching minecraft videos  about herobrine, I built a house out of wood and stone, I then stared at my door, suddenly right in front of me the door opened and closed! Maybe this was an with encounter with herobrine…

Where there wild things are,by Maurice Sendak

This book is a classic tale of a boy called Max, how he was very excitable and one night got in his wolf suit and made plenty of mischief,then was sent to his room. A forest grew in his room till the ceiling hung with vines there he met the wild things, monsters made max there king, but max grew tired and went home to find his dinner by his bed. I would say this rate this 8 out of 10.

Ten Things Found In Skelligs Pocket

An old, tattered Chinese menu, from the Hong Kong Kitchen around the corner,
A tragic past from long, long ago,
One solitary, worn out bird feather,
A lost soul, pushing its way out of the pocket,
Dreams crushed and forevergone,
A half eaten spring roll from 30 years ago,
A dusty, half empty pot of cod liver oil,
A broken, brown ale bottle cap,
A rusty halo, slightly shimmering in the light,
And right at the bottom, still lay a drop of hope!

My book report on Prickety Prackety by Diana Ross

I read Prickety Prackety by Diana Ross for my book report homework Easter holiday 2014. Here are my thoughts:

I think the main character, Prickety Prackety, is a private hen, because she wanted to lay her eggs where nobody was living, and special, because she’s the only hen to lay brown eggs, that unfortunately means, she needs to work twice as hard to have the same amount as everyone else, also she has her moments, where she needs to wander off by herself.

Anne, the farmer, Chanticleer, the cockerel, Partlet, Prickety Prackety’s sister, the white ducks and geese, Prickety Prackety’s friends, all question/question about Prickety Prackety, because they are worried about her and where she is.

I think Diana Ross wrote this book for younger children though, it has a couple of mistakes inside, like punctuation and sentence order! Caroline Crossland’s, the illustrator, drawings were fantastic and were detailed. They fitted in very well.

I would recommend this book for younger children to read and enjoy. 9/10

By emmalydd

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