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Ten Things Found In Skelligs Pocket

An old, tattered Chinese menu, from the Hong Kong Kitchen around the corner, A tragic past from long, long ago, One solitary, worn out bird feather, A lost soul, pushing its way out of the pocket, Dreams crushed and forevergone, A half eaten spring roll from 30 years ago, A dusty, half empty pot of […]

New Species Discovered

Yesterday, a young boy found a mythical man in his garage. Michael Piggott, a ten year old boy, moved house a couple of weeks ago to Falconer Road, when his new baby sister was born. He was stuck inside, with nothing to do, so he decided to explore in the garden. He headed for the […]

My Dog

I wrote a memory poem about the day I got my dog.   I remember the day I got my dog, Her head popping out of the printer box, I remember the text we got from my dad, I know it’s not a mistake! I remember her cute bulgy eyes, Staring at me in fear, […]


PHOTOGRAPHY My hobby is photography, I enjoy this because photos are something that you can keep forever. You can take places, or anything that you like everywhere. What I like to photograph When I do photography, I go out on my bike (with my i-Pod in my pocket) and I cycle out to the fields […]

Me and my Ferrets

We have two ferrets, called Mildred and Enid. Mildred was a stray, however she was tame, so we kept her. Enid is Mildred’s daughter, but the father, Rocky, sadly passed away. Both of their names are from ‘ The Worst Witch’ . At one point we had eight ferrets! Both are very friendly, but you […]

My Diary Entry by Ursularlydd

    I can’t believe what I have I have heard! Today, I met a young boy, he was the sweetest little boy in the world, he showed me round London, it was an appalling sight. There were tonnes of boys living on a roof, none of them were very well. What can I do […]

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