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A box?

On a foggy Sunday morning I casualy staggered out of bed, stretched my leg and it felt liked they were going to fall off.”Becky come and have breakfast you’ll be late for school!” called mum From the bottom of the stairs, she has bipolar, “Mum school’s tomorrow.” “Oh really I thought it was Friday, er […]

The evil worm

“Today class we will be looking at worms.” Mr Ball yawned in a grey  voice. ” Sir I don’t like worms they’re horrendously slimy!” groaned Bella  putting her head in her hands. ” Bella  don’t use that tone with me. Now come over here to see the worm pushing through the earth,” said Mr Ball […]

Alien attack

Last week meetings were held across the country to find the answer… ” We are sorry to interrupt this programme but we have a serious announcement,there is going to be an alien attack tomorrow morning so stay indoors” but I wasn’t going to let some aliens take over my planet so I spent the whole […]

All I can see is water!

“Mum do I have to go to school in the rain?” I asked desperately walking slowly towards the door. ” Yes dear now hurry you’re going to be late!” said mum opening the door.  “argh! ” I sighed like I was about to go to hell. By the time I got there I was soaked, ” […]

My life

I’m not like any normal person, I’ve got a side weaker than the other so I would like to live in a world of people who don’t mock others because they’re different to you.  I know how it feels to be that way so if you have autism and it’s putting you down take it […]

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