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The Highwayman

“I hope that ghastly, stupid highway man doesn’t come back, I’m surprised they haven’t caught him yet, I hope they string him up when they do” muttered Tim the ostler to himself. Just then the highwayman came clashing over the cobbles. “Oh no not that interfering, black hearted, evil highwayman” Tim said fiercely to himself.” […]

Angel appears!

Last week a boy found a man in his back shed very surprising indeed. 13 year old Michael Forman made an extraordinary Find when he found, slumped, a weird but exciting creature called Skellig. He was half man half bird, a hybrid. Michael suggests that what he saw was a angel, but we don ‘t […]

Jack and the Beanstalk (100 word challenge)

Jack lived with a very poor family, Jack’s mum told him to go and sell the family cow which was passed down from his grandfather, which was passed down from his father, who bought it many years ago. Jack sold it for some “magic beans” and the man told Jack to plant them in the […]

The mole

There was once a mole called Ollie Dirts, and he was a singer that loved donuts, but most of all he absolutely loved digging. Every day he would dig and rummage through the horrible dirt, which he found very good. But one day some bullies, he met backstage were secretly following him. Ollie didn’t know […]

The Great War

In the year 2098 Russia was at war with the English, most of the Russians had state of the art tanks and the earth shook as the tanks rolled clumsily into war. the English were firing like mad.Back at America the council had a negotiation they were deciding whether or not to go to war […]

Super sonic scream!

We all ran for our lives, we were playing a deadly game of tag. Shadow skidded for Sonic!Sonic did a triple back flip and kicked shadow in the head! Shadow got serious, stole a plane and tried to kill Sonic. He screamed for his life,”ahhhhhggggggggrrrrrrrrr”. Everybody got water pistols and flooded the whole arena and […]

The Timeless Storm

The Timeless Storm I am the dark lord of all above I am the terror of the sky I am the blocker of the sun My terror will force you underground I am the terminator of all You shall try to avoid me You will always fail I have forks of lightning Murdering the land […]


Here is an extract from my work: I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw the boy’s sleeping on the market roof’s, I’m not insular so I thought I should do something about this. I was horrified whenI heard about the employers I thought they were dop’s because they we’re beating them and not paying […]

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