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Hello Mr Twiddle by Enid Blyton

Hello Mr Twiddle is all about funny and foolish things that Mr Twiddle does. Read on to find out some of my favourite bits and all about the two main characters. Mr Twiddle does some really funny things some things are so silly like when he put the cat out in the dogs kennel or […]

The horse race

The gun went. The horses galloped at their absolute fastest. Their masters caning them frantically. The horses jumped their highest,trotted their fastest and finally galloped furiously past the finish line. Everyone had past the finish line except from Ben and his horse Cherry. They were the slowest pair, uncontrollably Ben and Cherry went round corners […]

Going to the zoo

We were on our way to the zoo I was really looking forward to see all of the animals, but at the same time we didn’t have very good weather so it was unlikely I would see anything good. we were nearly there, just a corner away. I was getting really excited. But all of […]

Amy’s story

I’m going to tell you about the day that change Amy’s life. She used to live on the street, people called her horrible names as they walked past. But that was all about to change. One night she decided to go to a festival where a nice young couple actually gave Amy some money. She […]

The Mysterious Figure

Blinding, multicoloured, bright lights fill the moonlit sky. Everywhere I looked there was a new coloured light to be found purple, red, green, blue lights cover this beautiful piece of land. My grey, dull shadow lies awake on the cold, damp ground ready to follow me every step of the way. I slowly head towards […]


As ¬†koala’s ate there lunch meetings were held across the country to find an answer of how they were going to save this endangered animal. Back in Australia a kind, girl was playing with the young koalas, they were climbing together, eating together and finally saying goodbye to each other. The girl was called Emily, […]

Goodbye bruvver, by Sophielydd

Dearest bruvver, I was speechless when you died because you were the only thing I had left in the whole world. I thought we were going to be with each other forever and ever , I thought you were it , the one who would look out for me . I really miss you Shrimps […]

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