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The Highwayman

The moonlight shined  as the ghostly moon made a dribbling path on the ground and it shone onto the mysterious Highwayman’s face as he galloped furiously , determined to get to his true love. At last he finally got to the old Inn, he crept in like a shadow, they both had a special connection […]

Skellig by David Almond

In our class we’ve been reading skellig by David Almond it’s a great book! The genre is quite my favorite because its mysterious that’s why. There are a few different front covers Which is weird.

Journey to the center of the earth

It was a normal dull day. I was bored watching the television so I went to the front yard for a little stroll and soon got bored of that too. Then suddenly the ground started to shake, “EARTHQUAKE” I shouted and that couldn’t be right. And if it weren’t a earthquake it was from the lab. I rushed […]

Alien invasion

In Lydd 2014 meetings were held across the country to find an answer for a UFO that had been spotted hovering high in the sky above Lydd’s Rype (park). Police force, S.W.A.T team and the army have gathered around holding the UFO in it’s place. the UFO slowly hovered down onto the ground and and […]

Goodbye Shrimps

The Crates 25.11.1857 Dear Shrimps, I’ve missed you so much bruvver, I come to your grave everyday and I would stay there for a few hours. And I would steal some flowers just for your sake. After you had died I did not speak for at least a week. You were the only family member […]

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