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100 word Challenge: The Music Tape

The Wonky Tonkey Donkey, By MayaLydd

The Wonky, Tonkey Donkey Koalas are cute and cuddly, Giraffes are as tall as the sky, The doctors been to the donkey but… He still has a wonky, Tonkey leg.   Hippos give a big yawn, Monkeys give a cheeky smile, The doctors been to the donkey but… He still has a wonky, Tonkey leg.   […]

The opening of ‘The HighwayMan’ By MayaLydd

Have you ever heard of the Highwayman? If you haven’t, then your about to! He trotted down the windy road, his black horse stumbling after every deep pot hole. The Highwayman came riding, riding, the Highwayman came riding, out through meandering road. He banged his tough brown whip on the shutters but it was all […]

The lost treasure By Maya Lydd

People had heard of the lost treasure, I was the last to hear of the fascinating myths. I was at the beach, alone, in the dark. I slowly stumbled up the piles of sand, waiting to be hit by the dark waves of the sea. It was a dark cold night, my hands were cold […]

The Motorbike

I was trudging back to my car, I’d just left an Artic Monkeys concert. It was a dark night, pitch black, the trees were surrounding me from top to bottom, I couldn’t see a thing!  Suddenly a blinding light flashed in front of my eyes, everything was clear, I could see everything. The trees an orangey […]

The water cycle song

The water cycle, takes the water and moves it up and down and all around the earth (times 3) Evaporation comes when the heat from the sun soaks up all the ground water and it turns to water vapor, condensation takes over it goes up to the clouds, water vapor cools down and it changes to a liquid […]

All about me, by Maya Lydd

My name is Maya and I live with my mum and dad. I used to have a hamster called Bananas but she sadly died. She was brown with a white stripe in the middle of her belly. I play for grasshopper girls football club and my dad, Andy is the manager, I play in goal! My […]

My letter to shrimps, by Maya Lydd

Dear Shrimps I miss you, I finally had a brother, I only just found my brother. There is now a hole in my heart. I miss your smiling face and the way you used to skip with me. You made skipping Jim, you made people watch me, you started my career. I miss the way […]

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