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The darkness!

I thought I had enough time,but I didn’t have time to do the kaioken attack … Stealthily Goten jumped out of a tree and in front of me… He was trying to defend me from…Cell! He had green leopard print skin and a huge tail. Me and Goten flew to Cell as fast as a […]

Sonic vs Shadow 2 !

It was a normal day, Sonic was running frantically, he was so fast it was almost as if he was invisible… Shadow came out of nowhere! Launched himself high within the air, sonic came shooting down! He plunged his fist deep in shadow’s face, pushing through the earth. Round the corner Tails was waiting. Sonic joined him in his plane heading […]

Sonic vs Shadow!

It was the morning in green hill zone, Sonic quickly ran past like a tornado. Sonic stopped in the middle of the area , he noticed a shadow …CHAOS CONTROL…BOOM!!!!!! Shadow was there, Sonic jump  kicked shadow and then got his sword out and sliced a bit of shadows flesh off ! Shadow transported behind […]

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