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Curious creature caught crawling in shed

Yesterday, a boy found a mystical creature slumped in his garden shed. He doesn’t know how long it had been there for. This happened on Sunday 30th March 2014 Michael Foreman ( aged 13), he made a huge discovery. This is a quote from Michael Foreman ” It looked like a bird but also, it […]

My Football Team

I play in this girls football team its called Grasshoppers we have nice players and great supporters they cheer like a group of monkeys screeching at us! The players are kind because if we hurt our self they come and help you get up and we never moan if we do something wrong, because it […]

The chocolate attack

 It was a windy night and he was sitting, down when all of a sudden a gasp of wind blew him out of the window. All he could see around him were blobs of melted chocolate, “Oh no what’s happened here”  said the chocolate man so he decided that he was going to put a stop to […]

Letter to shrimps

Dear Shrimps, You were always there to make me smile, you were my life. There is something missing in my heart and that is you. Your red frizzy hair made me smile but now I can’t see it. Just if you were alive we could do what we said we were going to do. I […]

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