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The Highwayman

The rusty iron shoes of the black devil, the highwayman’s steed, thumped heavily against the rough glow of the sunlight, but the light washed out as the moon chased the sun away.The sky filled with darkness and mischief. Even though the Highwayman was burning with pain all over he took a sigh of happiness as […]

The water poem

Some times small, some times large, it can flood towns, or make a puddle to splash in, an ocean to swim in, a pool to paddle in. There is water every were.

A sparkle in the distance

I edged down the path wondering what was before me,  it was light or was it? Wondering what it was I put my attention onto the light trying to guess what it was. Suddenly I was forced to step closer to the light by a gentle nudge in the back from the people behind me but […]

Goodbye Shrimps

Dearest Shrimps, I am missing you ever so much, it’s like yup cracked my heart. When you died my heart sank and froze like ice. You were the the only one there for me, when you smiled  and danced my heart filled with joy but now you’re gone and I am full of sadness. You […]

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