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Jack and the Beanstalk (100 wc)

One day there was a man called Jack and he lived with his mum !  They had to take daisy the cow to the market to get more money so they could buy some things, but when Jack got to the market there was a man running away from the army he needed the cow […]


Spencer and Jack are the fastest cars in the world,  in fact they are formula 1 cars but one day something changed there lives!Pushing through the earth they zoomed through Brands hatch head on head until  their worst enemy shot past them. His name was called”Leon egg head “, Well thats what they called him, apparently […]

Dear shrimps

Dear bruvver, I miss you, I feel really lonely without  someone like you cheering me up , I feel like my heart has been broken by a giant rock that has fell on me. All of the boys keep saying how is up your friend shrimps but I don’t answer I remember your orange frizzy […]

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