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I woke  at 6:00am, I turned on the light and had a stretch. I strolled over to my desk I sat on my chair, I then turned on my xbox and held out my controller, I signed in and started to play Minecraft, I created a new world. It was already 6:59am, but I thought […]

Grasshoppers vs Wye quarter final

The whistle went, we were on the ball, kian struck the ball in front of  goal but it just missed bottom corner! Goal kick, Wye started to sneak past a few players, Benn was ready for the save, wye shot right at the goalie! Benn made a save, it rebounded off his arms and back […]

Alien encounter

Glancing round the orange world, I could see mist, I saw black shadows lurking around. I stared at what looked like an army of mysterious creatures making all weird noises. Suddenly, as I stepped forwards I stepped on a twig. It snapped. My heart pounded. One of the creatures looked round, it started to walk […]

The fun war

On Saturday I went to Imagine with my friend Callum, after a while me and Callum found a couple of friends to play with, they followed me to the ball pit. There we found others to have war suddenly we all started to throw balls at the others! All of a sudden we were in […]

Jack H lydd

  Dear Shrimps, I miss you very truly, you was the whole of my heart, but now you’ve left a hole inside it, it’s like a part of me has been stolen and ripped into pieces. Just think of all the fun we could of had, skippin’ together and dancing with laces in our hands […]

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