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My book report on Prickety Prackety by Diana Ross

I read Prickety Prackety by Diana Ross for my book report homework Easter holiday 2014. Here are my thoughts: I think the main character, Prickety Prackety, is a private hen, because she wanted to lay her eggs where nobody was living, and special, because she’s the only hen to lay brown eggs, that unfortunately means, […]

Angel appearance?

Last week, a young boy was out exploring when he discovered a mysterious man in his crumbling garden shed. Michael Smith, aged 13, was exploring around his new house on Falconer Road, when he came across his garden shed. He ventured in and found his new resident, that goes by the name of Skellig. “The […]

Why would I like to be a night zoo keeper? (My 100wc)

I would like to be a night zoo keeper because, the air is gloomy and mysterious! I think it would be an exciting experience for myself and others! It would be funny if there were people hovering around because, I could trick them and scare them! It would also be good, because I get to watch the animals […]

My 100 word challenge

As the sun rose into the sky, the sun welcomed me to a new day. It was Christmas Day! I lept out of bed and ran down stairs! Everybody was awake and was waiting for me. Eagerly, I grabbed my first present. Energeticly, I tared off the wrapping paper! It was a xbox game! Now […]


Join our Year 5’s book club ‘Bookworms’ and read our recommended books! (Only if your going to take it seriously)

The Time Capsule

I unpacked the boxes. I was unloading the furniture for the kitchen, such as , cups, plates, bowls, cutlery and all of our utensils. We had just moved in to our new house on Sycamore Close. It was a sunny Sunday morning, and the removal van had just left so we could unpack. I placed […]

My Firework Poem

Bang bang fireworks, On Bonfire night, Lots of bright colours, Causing lots of light!   Bang bang fireworks, Which are very loud, Causing lots of commotion, Causing such a crowd!   Bang bang fireworks, Cover your ears now, They’re so noisy, That people wonder how!   Bang bang fireworks, Keep the sprinklers away from your […]

What we did in topic today…

Today in 5B, we used the iPads to create Tellegamis  describing what type of Coastline was in the background, if it was erosion or depositional, and other interesting facts. Here is some of our tellegami’s: Click on the links to have a look! thomas & jacob maya and bethany Marshall and Reece Lauren & Emma […]

The Mysterious Shadows

The freezing snow, Closing in with my mysterious shadows, Dark as death, Grey, cold, unforgiving, You are my prey.   The screaming wind, Howling in your face, The bitter snow, Travelling horizontally, Nowhere land.   I tower above you, My jagged rocks like sharks teeth, The excruciating wind, Blowing you away                                   , Chilling you to […]

My Diary Entry by emmalydd

Dear diary, I couldn’t believe my eyes today. I met the sweetest young boy called Jim Jarvis, and he told me his story, from when he started in his cottage, to when he met me at the ‘Ragged School’. I’m still ashamed and startled that we live in such a monstrous world. I don’t understand […]

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