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minecraft creeper diary,villagers vs zombies

Dear diary, Today I went out to to see THE GREAT VILLAGERS VS ZOMBIES GAMES!!! Sorry about the capitals but this our version of the olympic but with only one event,villagers hunt, it works like this.The villagers get a wooden sword and leather armor and the zomies have to infect them, if the villagers live […]

my minecraft diary, space plan halted

Dear diary, Today my plan in space was stopped by a dust cloud around the planet, so my plan was stopped, I took this time to make a new base with a room for aliens that are from Mars. Also I think I will make a space station with cool stuff like a tractor beam […]

My minecraft creeper diary, I’m dancing on the moon

Diary dear, I’m on the Moon as you guessed, and there are lots of new animals that I discovered like boblings, a thing made out of sticky slime, that hatch from really hard eggs, even TNT couldn’t brake it! And guess what I found blue prints for a even bigger rocket, this means that life […]

Where there wild things are,by Maurice Sendak

This book is a classic tale of a boy called Max, how he was very excitable and one night got in his wolf suit and made plenty of mischief,then was sent to his room. A forest grew in his room till the ceiling hung with vines there he met the wild things, monsters made max […]

my minecraft creeper diary number two!mission creepy moon started!

dear diary, I have a new mission, when I finish I will say.”one small step for creeper, a giant leap for creeper kind”Yes I will go to the moon!I will need,oil steel,space suit and a flag with a creeper on it.  I have steel and I know how to get oil, my old friend martyn […]

my minecraft diary as a creeper

dear diary, Today I made a new chickens pen to get more yummy cooked chickens [ They tasty amazing!]also I got a set of iron armour and tools. my house has got a upgrade, it has a new storage room with, wait I think I hear a person wait one second,sssss…boom!, I’m back now were […]

Alien mistake!

On the night of 10.2.14 in Lydd, a so called alien attack took place. It was like nothing  that had ever happened. At first everything was quiet and peaceful, but then the first signs were seen. Animals were acting strangly, they did at all not one not ever a flea . Bigger clues were given […]

Wet Play Pool Results

This is the first time I have written a news report for the blog and I hope you like it. I will do some sports reports in pool. Lara vs Callum winner Callum.Callum vs Jack W winner Callum. Callum vs Reece winner. Reece vs Dom winner Reece. Reece vs Jack W result time ran out. […]

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