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Two days ago,a boy found an exciting and extraordinary discovery in his garden shed. Michael the boy who found the creature,he told our journalist, “My dad told me not to go in there I did it anyway I found him just laying there”. That was Michael and how he found this amazing discovery. We have […]

The Forbidden Land

Tonight we were going camping in Epping forest, also my friends were coming too. On our way to Epping forest we all sang ‘row, row, row your boat’ together. After a long drive we finally got there. My parents set up the tents whilst me and my friends played with our nerf guns chasing each […]

World war 3

October the 10th,  the Germans  bomb  Westminster Abbey. They were  coming for revenge. Every one left the town because of bombing. the navy, the royal air force, the royal army and the coast guard worked together to secure the whole of England. Meetings were held across the country to find an answer for why would […]


Me and dad were going fishing  at the creak, but I didn’t know how to fish or swim. So I decided I’d better get outside and learn to the swim in the swimming pool. As soon as I got outside our garden was flooded, but all I could see was water. Then dad came rushing […]

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