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The tragic story of the Highwaymen

The wind twisted and whistled through the trees as the moon pushed the sun out of the sky. In the distance the highwaymen came shooting up the rotting road . He was determined to reach his true love Bess (the landlord’s dauhter ). He  arrived at the old Inn door and sighed in joy and whistled a […]


There was a new boy,  in my class and  his name was Jimmy, he had piggy every thing, he was bullied all the time the bully was……….    me. I AM STUPID,  I did not believe him. He said he had power. On July 15th I made the worst mistake of my life. As I strolled along Jimmy just […]

Good bye brother

Dearest shrimps.                                                                           25.11.2013 Brother,now you are gone this cruel world is glum.You lit up the faces of the […]

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