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The tragic story of the Highwaymen

The wind twisted and whistled through the trees as the moon pushed the sun out of the sky. In the distance the highwaymen came shooting up the rotting road . He was determined to reach his true love Bess (the landlord’s dauhter ). He  arrived at the old Inn door and sighed in joy and whistled a sweet love tune at her window ! He asked for a kiss as he was going back to his dirty duty  and  promised to be bock in the morning!

11 Responses to “The tragic story of the Highwaymen”

  1. Well done Bethany! I like that you showed that, you know how to use brackets! I also like that you used alliteration! Well done!

  2. Wow, I loved how you put twisted and whistled keep it up!

  3. Well done Bethany, I like your description, it is a very good piece of work.

  4. I like this bethany I espeshly liked the way you used ()

  5. I like the way you said twisted and whistled I might magpie that.

  6. I might magpie the part moon pushed the sun out the sky.

  7. well done Bethany, I liked how you used brackets in your work! maybe next time you should try to use a comma. keep it up!

  8. well done Bethany, there are loads of good phrases in that work, the only thing is you put bock instead of back. overall I love this piece of work well done.

  9. I loved how you gave highwayman so dessperate to see bess, and also how you said the moon pushed the sun out of the sky.

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