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The highwayman galloped furiously down the dusty road, through the abandoned misty forest on his mighty horse! As he swooped through the forest like a bat in a cave he felt the air push his body in all directions but he kept his steady and held on. As he reached the old and lifeless front garden of the mossy inn. In this inn there lived the highwayman’s ‘girlfriend’ named Bess, who was the landlords daughter. He looked in the window of the pub and who should be standing there, the landlords daughter Bess. She was standing there flirting with the soldier of a highwayman and then the landlord interfered with love. Bess asked politely if the mighty highwayman would care to enter, but he refused and exclaimed that he would, but he had to go. He said for her to watch for him by moonlight and no hell shall bar his way. He then galloped off like he was on his own in the ghostly abandomed forest. As the highwayman left there was bad news for Bess because the ostler Tim was listening to their conversation and he dreamed to be with Bes, but Bess didn’t. Tim wanted to kill the highayman so Bess would not be able to love the highwayman and will just give Tim a higher chance to get a girlfriend.

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  1. I like your opening Callum! I like how you used ‘lifeless’ and ‘he swooped through the forest like a bat in a cave’! I might magpie that myself! Good work!

  2. I like how you used mossy inn that was great! : )

  3. I loved that opening ! And how you used your adjectives it was fantastic!!! 🙂

  4. I really like it Callum! I loved the bit where you said the highwayman galloped furiously down the dusty road. Good job!

  5. I like your adverbs, and your simile. I also like the way you have used parts from the poem, they fit in really well. Well done.

  6. Callum this is amazing I espeshly loved the first sentance.

  7. I love your adjectives,and your first sentance is diven.

  8. I love the phrase his mighty horse I might magpie that:-)

  9. Wow that is really good I might magpie galloped furiously

  10. .!

  11. WOW! I loved the part where it said galloped furiously also the phrase that said through the abandoned misty forest.

  12. WOW! I loved phrase that said through the abandoned misty forest.

  13. well done callum! I love that you said ‘the soldier of a highwayman’ great use of adjectives. maybe next time you should check through your work for spelling mistakes,

  14. This had a range of wow words my favourite was lifeless !well done.

  15. I loved your use of ajectives and similies!

  16. That was like a world of wow words, I might magpie some of them to make my work much better. Well done you couldn’t of made it better.

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