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The opening of ‘The HighwayMan’ By MayaLydd

Have you ever heard of the Highwayman? If you haven’t, then your about to!
He trotted down the windy road, his black horse stumbling after every deep pot hole. The Highwayman came riding, riding, the Highwayman came riding, out through meandering road. He banged his tough brown whip on the shutters but it was all bared good, so he whistled a sweet tune to the window and then he was rewarded, as Bess’s head appeared.

11 Responses to “The opening of ‘The HighwayMan’ By MayaLydd”

  1. Well done Maya! You were the only person to use a question as an opening! Good work!

  2. I like your opening, how youve put a question then well your about to! Well done.

  3. I love the way that you put the question in, and the way the question asks you if you have heard of the highwayman, it was a really good opening maya!!!!! 🙂

  4. Like the way you started with a question .

  5. well done Maya! I also loved that you started with a question! a great use of description.

  6. I love how you used a question as a opener

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