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The Highwayman

The moonlight shined ¬†as the ghostly moon made a dribbling path on the ground and it shone onto the mysterious Highwayman’s face as he galloped furiously , determined to get to his true love. At last he finally got to the old Inn, he crept in like a shadow, they both had a special connection it was like the Highwayman was the treasure and Bess was the key to his heart.

6 Responses to “The Highwayman”

  1. Well done! I like ‘Bess was the key to his heart.’! Very romantic!

  2. The whole thing was great really well done.

  3. I love your vocabulary shameer it was a terrific opening

  4. Wonderful opening keep up all the good work.

  5. well done shameer! I really liked the part where it said ‘dribbling path! keep up the good work!

  6. I liked your use off magpieing and your metafors.

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