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The darkness!

I thought I had enough time,but I didn’t have time to do the kaioken attack … Stealthily Goten jumped out of a tree and in front of me… He was trying to defend me from…Cell! He had green leopard print skin and a huge tail. Me and Goten flew to Cell as fast as a […]


Max was 30 years old and all he dreamed about is being a football player.He wanted to play for Barcelona, number 61.He liked football because his dad played for Manchester city. He was on his on his way to his first ever football match WHEN… All of a sudden his car started to stop and […]

my minecraft creeper diary number two!mission creepy moon started!

dear diary, I have a new mission, when I finish I will say.”one small step for creeper, a giant leap for creeper kind”Yes I will go to the moon!I will need,oil steel,space suit and a flag with a creeper on it.  I have steel and I know how to get oil, my old friend martyn […]

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