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Hello Mr Twiddle by Enid Blyton

Hello Mr Twiddle is all about funny and foolish things that Mr Twiddle does. Read on to find out some of my favourite bits and all about the two main characters.

Mr Twiddle does some really funny things some things are so silly like when he put the cat out in the dogs kennel or when he lost his glasses never the less they were in his sock. However my favourite was when he was poorly and he thought the hot water bottle was the cat. There are also so many more humorous stories in just the one book!

The character Mr Twiddle is so, so stupid somethings he would just finds so hard that we would find easy. His mrs’s, Mrs Twiddle is sensible and Mr Twiddle can really get on her nerves. What do you think of these characters?

I hope you like the sound of Hello Mr twiddle because it is such a great book. 8/10

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