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My book report on Prickety Prackety by Diana Ross

I read Prickety Prackety by Diana Ross for my book report homework Easter holiday 2014. Here are my thoughts:

I think the main character, Prickety Prackety, is a private hen, because she wanted to lay her eggs where nobody was living, and special, because she’s the only hen to lay brown eggs, that unfortunately means, she needs to work twice as hard to have the same amount as everyone else, also she has her moments, where she needs to wander off by herself.

Anne, the farmer, Chanticleer, the cockerel, Partlet, Prickety Prackety’s sister, the white ducks and geese, Prickety Prackety’s friends, all question/question about Prickety Prackety, because they are worried about her and where she is.

I think Diana Ross wrote this book for younger children though, it has a couple of mistakes inside, like punctuation and sentence order! Caroline Crossland’s, the illustrator, drawings were fantastic and were detailed. They fitted in very well.

I would recommend this book for younger children to read and enjoy. 9/10

By emmalydd

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  1. Wow, you found some errors in the book. Maybe you should be a teacher Emma. I’d love to read your review of a text written for your age group too. keep it up.

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