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The lost treasure By Maya Lydd

People had heard of the lost treasure, I was the last to hear of the fascinating myths. I was at the beach, alone, in the dark. I slowly stumbled up the piles of sand, waiting to be hit by the dark waves of the sea.
It was a dark cold night, my hands were cold and my heart was frozen. My brain was telling me I wouldn’t find it, but my heart was telling me to stumble on. I walked slower and slower as I trudged along the erosion beach, my feet were aching as I had no shoes on, the sand was making marks on my heels and toes. The sea was starting to ponder in, like an elephant running to its mum, the sea drifted over my feet, making them cold once more. I was looking for a certain thing, nothing would stop my eyes searching now, I was unstoppable. My eyes saw it glinting and sparkling in the moonlight, I had found it, finally it was mine, I would hide it away, so know one new, they would be torturing themselves, they would go through pain and tears to try and find something that’s not there, it was all mine, no one could take it from me. But then I had second thoughts, what did they ever do to me? Maybe I could get the bank to put it in their safe, or maybe I could share it with the whole village. What could I do?

7 Responses to “The lost treasure By Maya Lydd”

  1. This is a lovely piece of writing Maya! I loved the elephant simile and I can see you’ve thought very hard about this post. I’d love to find out what happens next.

  2. This is amazing maya keep it up

  3. Well done Maya! A couple of spelling mistakes like no-one, and knew. Keep up the good work.

  4. I love the story but I think you should add some more adverbs and stop putting tons of short sentences in the same sentence but I still really like it.

  5. I liked your simile about the elephant, like Emma said, there are a couple of spelling mistakes, but it is a really good piece of work. Well done!

  6. I really like it maya, but it was a bit long 😉

  7. I love this post Maya, it’s great on how you said it was an erosion beach . I also like the bit where you said waiting to be hit by the dark sea. Keep it up!

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