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The horse race

The gun went. The horses galloped at their absolute fastest. Their masters caning them frantically. The horses jumped their highest,trotted their fastest and finally galloped furiously past the finish line. Everyone had past the finish line except from Ben and his horse Cherry. They were the slowest pair, uncontrollably Ben and Cherry went round corners and leaped over high bushes. But Ben wanted this all to change there was another race coming up soon and he and Cherry were determined to not come last, not to win, but not to come last. The day had come. Unfortunately Ben posted ago. Ben was interviewed “But I thought I had enough time.”

15 Responses to “The horse race”

  1. This is a very exciting and frantic post Sophie, I really enjoyed it. I’m not sure I quite understand the penultimate sentence. Can you explain what you meant?

  2. I like your post Sophie! I’m a bit confused about your 2nd to last sentence though, also you need a couple more commas. Well done though Sophie!

  3. Really good Sophie but it more for summer

  4. It is very dramatic at the beginning, it definitely made me want to read more, but I don’t quite understand ‘ Unfortunately Ben posted ago.’ But the rest of it was amazing!

  5. It was meant to say unfortunately Ben lost again.

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