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my minecraft creeper diary number two!mission creepy moon started!

imagesdear diary,

I have a new mission, when I finish I will say.”one small step for creeper, a giant leap for creeper kind”Yes I will go to the moon!I will need,oil steel,space suit and a flag with a creeper on it.  I have steel and I know how to get oil, my old friend martyn brains [ a zombie] hue found it and had know idea what it was,me and my brain of TNT knew it was oil and he became rich, my old friend  should lend me some.For my space suit I will put a block of glass on  my head. And for the flag I will will make it with green and black wool. I hope I get there soon.

5 Responses to “my minecraft creeper diary number two!mission creepy moon started!”

  1. wow, brilliant Dylan .hope you have fun on the moon!

  2. This is a great idea for a post Dylan. I’d love it to be an on-going space diary! Make sure you read your sentences through carefully though, as a sentence in the middle definitely needs a bit of editing. I look forward to the next entry!!

  3. Wow, Dylan this brill keep it up

  4. Wow this is better than I thought! Keep it up my friend

  5. There was a couple of spelling mistakes like who. Also you missed out some spaces at the beginning of sentences. Well done though!

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