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The houses shook side to side whilst I walked past them. I looked up at the sky and saw it. Everyone screamed with terror, my parents were so close to the TV. My heart shook and started to pound. I went to go outside and I could see it, the thing in the sky was […]

Amy’s story

I’m going to tell you about the day that change Amy’s life. She used to live on the street, people called her horrible names as they walked past. But that was all about to change. One night she decided to go to a festival where a nice young couple actually gave Amy some money. She […]

Grasshoppers vs Wye quarter final

The whistle went, we were on the ball, kian struck the ball in front of ¬†goal but it just missed bottom corner! Goal kick, Wye started to sneak past a few players, Benn was ready for the save, wye shot right at the goalie! Benn made a save, it rebounded off his arms and back […]

A box?

On a foggy Sunday morning I casualy staggered out of bed, stretched my leg and it felt liked they were going to fall off.”Becky come and have breakfast you’ll be late for school!” called mum From the bottom of the stairs, she has bipolar, “Mum school’s tomorrow.” “Oh really I thought it was Friday, er […]

My 100 word challenge

As the sun rose into the sky, the sun welcomed me to a new day. It was Christmas Day! I lept out of bed and ran down stairs! Everybody was awake and was waiting for me. Eagerly, I grabbed my first present. Energeticly, I tared off the wrapping paper! It was a xbox game! Now […]

My Dog

I wrote a memory poem about the day I got my dog.   I remember the day I got my dog, Her head popping out of the printer box, I remember the text we got from my dad, I know it’s not a mistake! I remember her cute bulgy eyes, Staring at me in fear, […]

100word challenge

On Saturday I was researching about sink holes. Every time I looked at them I had a shock every second. After my Mum shouted dinners ready!!!! I lifted up my fork and Mum & Dad were staring right at me. They asked me if I was feeling alright and said I should get some fresh […]

My Football Team

I play in this girls football team its called Grasshoppers we have nice players and great supporters they cheer like a group of monkeys screeching at us! The players are kind because if we hurt our self they come and help you get up and we never moan if we do something wrong, because it […]

The Forbidden Land

Tonight we were going camping in Epping forest, also my friends were coming too. On our way to Epping forest we all sang ‘row, row, row your boat’ together. After a long drive we finally got there. My parents set up the tents whilst me and my friends played with our nerf guns chasing each […]

Jack and the Beanstalk (100 wc)

One day there was a man called Jack and he lived with his mum ! ¬†They had to take daisy the cow to the market to get more money so they could buy some things, but when Jack got to the market there was a man running away from the army he needed the cow […]

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