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New Species Discovered


This is Skellig, when he was first found.

Yesterday, a young boy found a mythical man in his garage.

Michael Piggott, a ten year old boy, moved house a couple of weeks ago to Falconer Road, when his new baby sister was born. He was stuck inside, with nothing to do, so he decided to explore in the garden. He headed for the garage he noticed before him. Inside he discovered an unknown creature, lurking on a pile of flower pots.

Michael showed his friend (Mina) this extraordinary man/creature, and this is what she told us: ” I’m not sure, but… It felt like he had wings! When I tried to touch him, he glared at me angrily. He told me and Michael that his name was Skellig.”

Unfortunately, Skellig can only be witnessed by Michael and Mina, although we do have a photo of him, that is shown to the right of page. Apparently, he has a terrible condition of Arthritis, which makes it tricky for him to lots of the the things that we do every day. It makes life extremely hard.

Do you think that this will be the start of a new species or do you think it is all a joke?

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  1. What a great news report. I loved your quote from Mina. Don’t forget your question marks at the end though.

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