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my minecraft diary as a creeper

dear diary,

Today I made a new chickens pen to get more yummy cooked chickens [ They tasty amazing!]also I got a set of iron armour and tools. my house has got a upgrade, it has a new storage room with, wait I think I hear a person wait one second,sssss…boom!, I’m back now were was I, oh yes, my new storage room with 6 large chests and one small one for all my special stuff like my emerald. By now I did not have much time till day time but I thought I have enough time to go mining for some more coal for my cooker but luckily I did it in time. See you tomorrow.

4 Responses to “my minecraft diary as a creeper”

  1. Minecraft life as a creeper is awesome I like the part sssss boom!

  2. very nice dylan 😛 xx

  3. Well done Dylan. You missed some capital letters, you need to double check that.

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