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Curious creature caught lurking in shed!


The mystery man

A couple of days ago a young boy caught a creatureLurking in the garden shed. And doesn’t now what to do?

This happened on Sunday 30th march 2014 at7:00 pm on falcon road a boy (named Michel ) discovered a  man with wings In his shed. when the boy found him, the creature moved slowly. He found him while Michel was tidying the shed. The creature has wings and it’s a man Michel does not now what it is lets hear what he said: ” Hi I am Michel and I found a man with wings in my garden shed  all I was doing was tiding the shed then I found him” Michel does not know if he is a angel or not but people are trying to find out.The  boy told his mum but she didn’t listen so the boy went to the newspaper shop and told them. hopefully the man will get well and he gets moved out of the shed before it falls down , and kill the man , we will find out more later.

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  1. A good post Lauren and I can see you’ve thought hard about the features of a news report. Next time perhaps you could try and organise your report into more than two paragraphs? Keep up the posting!

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