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Curious creature caught crawling in shed

Yesterday, a boy found a mystical creature slumped in his garden shed. He doesn’t know how long it had been there for.

This happened on Sunday 30th March 2014 Michael Foreman ( aged 13), he made a huge discovery. This is a quote from Michael Foreman ” It looked like a bird but also, it looked like a man it was very confusing!” The shed was at Falconer Road


The mysterious creature

Michael claimed that the thing had wings. Here is another quote from Michael ” The wings looked dull and grey He saw it in the garden shed.

Hopefully he gets better so he get around more easy.

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  1. This started fantastically, and I loved your use of ‘claimed’. However make sure you read your posts through very carefully before you post them, as I’m not sure the last paragraph makes sense.

  2. WOW! Lara this very good. Well Done

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