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Two days ago,a boy found an exciting and extraordinary discovery in his garden shed.


This is the picture of the creature Michael found.

Michael the boy who found the creature,he told our journalist, “My dad told me not to go in there I did it anyway I found him just laying there”. That was Michael and how he found this amazing discovery.

We have scientist looking for more of these creatures. If you see one of these give us a call. There will be a million pound prize who ever calls first. The second will get a trip to Turkey please call 09049567. Take a photo so we can believe you.

The man Michael found had wings we don’t know yet if he can fly or not. Michael took him some where else he found him near the window sill and birds were feeding him is that amazing or not.

We will probably make an enclosure for this strange creature so everyone can see this mammal.


  1. well don Dom, this is a good report. you included some great ideas: I particularly liked the reward and your closing paragraph. Have a look at the third paragraph, can you see where you needed a little more punctuation?

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