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Angel appears!


Mythical creature, Skellig

Last week a boy found a man in his back shed very surprising indeed.

13 year old Michael Forman made an extraordinary Find when he found, slumped, a weird but exciting creature called Skellig. He was half man half bird, a hybrid.

Michael suggests that what he saw was a angel, but we don ‘t know. Michaels friend, Mina, says that she saw an angel too. Leaky and Coot call Michael and Mina monkeys.

Mina is a very detailed drawer Michael and Mina said that they felt wings on this strange mans back. Is this true?
“Yes of cours it is the bloke had us flying around the room”, Announced Michael.

Has evolution gone one step further than humans?

2 Responses to “Angel appears!”

  1. Some of this report is fantastic Thomas. I loved your use of the word ‘hybrid’ and the last paragraph is very thought provoking! Make sure you don’t include things that aren’t relevant though; remember the reader has no idea who Leaky and Coot are!

  2. I love it especially when you say that leaky and coot call them monkeys , it made me laugh. Although some of that was really good like when you used hybrid in you’re report. Keep it up.

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