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Angel appearance?


Skellig, the man discovered.

Last week, a young boy was out exploring when he discovered a mysterious man in his crumbling garden shed.

Michael Smith, aged 13, was exploring around his new house on Falconer Road, when he came across his garden shed. He ventured in and found his new resident, that goes by the name of Skellig.

“The only person I told at first was Mina, my best friend,” Michael told us. “Not even my mum and dad knew about him.” He also told us, that he didn’t tell his mum and dad, because, his mum only just had a baby, who is very ill, however he said no more, because he was too upset to speak.

“Skellig, has white plaster skin and has a condition, Arthritis. At first he wouldn’t let us touch him, but then he was comfortable with us, so we touched his twisted skin. It felt strange. He had wings. He’s almost like an angel.” Mina told us, as she left to go back home, because she had lessons, unfortunately.

As we cautiously, approached Skellig he muttered “Go away!” as he stared at us. Scientists have informed us that this is the first angel to appear on earth.

Will this be the beginning of angel sightings?

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  1. Well done Emma, a very good news post. I loved the way you included so much relevant detail.

  2. Emma this is really good I really liked ” his crumbling garden shed”.

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