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Two days ago,a boy found an exciting and extraordinary discovery in his garden shed. Michael the boy who found the creature,he told our journalist, “My dad told me not to go in there I did it anyway I found him just laying there”. That was Michael and how he found this amazing discovery. We have […]

Curious creature caught crawling in shed

Yesterday, a boy found a mystical creature slumped in his garden shed. He doesn’t know how long it had been there for. This happened on Sunday 30th March 2014 Michael Foreman ( aged 13), he made a huge discovery. This is a quote from Michael Foreman ” It looked like a bird but also, it […]

Curious creature caught lurking in shed!

A couple of days ago a young boy caught a creatureLurking in the garden shed. And doesn’t now what to do? This happened on Sunday 30th march 2014 at7:00 pm on falcon road a boy (named Michel ) discovered a  man with wings In his shed. when the boy found him, the creature moved slowly. […]

New Species Discovered

Yesterday, a young boy found a mythical man in his garage. Michael Piggott, a ten year old boy, moved house a couple of weeks ago to Falconer Road, when his new baby sister was born. He was stuck inside, with nothing to do, so he decided to explore in the garden. He headed for the […]

Angel appears!

Last week a boy found a man in his back shed very surprising indeed. 13 year old Michael Forman made an extraordinary Find when he found, slumped, a weird but exciting creature called Skellig. He was half man half bird, a hybrid. Michael suggests that what he saw was a angel, but we don ‘t […]

Angel appearance?

Last week, a young boy was out exploring when he discovered a mysterious man in his crumbling garden shed. Michael Smith, aged 13, was exploring around his new house on Falconer Road, when he came across his garden shed. He ventured in and found his new resident, that goes by the name of Skellig. “The […]

my minecraft diary as a creeper

dear diary, Today I made a new chickens pen to get more yummy cooked chickens [ They tasty amazing!]also I got a set of iron armour and tools. my house has got a upgrade, it has a new storage room with, wait I think I hear a person wait one second,sssss…boom!, I’m back now were […]

Why would I like to be a night zoo keeper? (My 100wc)

I would like to be a night zoo keeper because, the air is gloomy and mysterious! I think it would be an exciting experience for myself and others! It would be funny if there were people hovering around because, I could trick them and scare them! It would also be good, because I get to watch the animals […]

Going to the zoo

We were on our way to the zoo I was really looking forward to see all of the animals, but at the same time we didn’t have very good weather so it was unlikely I would see anything good. we were nearly there, just a corner away. I was getting really excited. But all of […]

Lost Lamb

There once lived a lamb. She was in a paddock with her mum and brother. Her name was Lucy, Lucy Lamb. She was very small. Her mum was big. She was in the paddock on a sunny morning when suddenly she caught a glimpse of a shadow, a dark black shadow. She froze for a minute […]

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