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The chocolate attack

 It was a windy night and he was sitting, down when all of a sudden a gasp of wind blew him out of the window. All he could see around him were blobs of melted chocolate, “Oh no what’s happened here”  said the chocolate man so he decided that he was going to put a stop to […]

Alien encounter

Glancing round the orange world, I could see mist, I saw black shadows lurking around. I stared at what looked like an army of mysterious creatures making all weird noises. Suddenly, as I stepped forwards I stepped on a twig. It snapped. My heart pounded. One of the creatures looked round, it started to walk […]

War has began

BANG  the bombs  started to drop .The screams of toddlers and babies  made me cry because it was all my fault war had started . Meetings were held all over the country to find an answer to why I betrayed my country and let my family die. I helped the nasty evil Germans destroy England’s glorious […]

The ant attack

It was a windy day in Lydd, every kid was working hard at school.When a boy got up he saw a crack in the carpet. Then he saw it, an ant he screamed in horror. They knew there was an ant attack. At the end of the day he searched the house to see if […]

Grid Multiplication

Need help with your grid multiplication? Have a look at Ellie and Lola’s video. Just click on the link below. trim.14B16F84-3D7E-40C4-B6A3-10929E17602A

The fun war

On Saturday I went to Imagine with my friend Callum, after a while me and Callum found a couple of friends to play with, they followed me to the ball pit. There we found others to have war suddenly we all started to throw balls at the others! All of a sudden we were in […]

The boy who went to the centre of the world

It was a hot and humid day when Gareth Johnson was bored stiff. Gareth mischievously decided that he was going to go to the centre of the world, he would get there in a huge rocket ship! Even though he was a child, he had a big imagination and most of all, he was fearless […]

Alien invasion

In Lydd 2014 meetings were held across the country to find an answer for a UFO that had been spotted hovering high in the sky above Lydd’s Rype (park). Police force, S.W.A.T team and the army have gathered around holding the UFO in it’s place. the UFO slowly hovered down onto the ground and and […]

Sonic vs Shadow!

It was the morning in green hill zone, Sonic quickly ran past like a tornado. Sonic stopped in the middle of the area , he noticed a shadow …CHAOS CONTROL…BOOM!!!!!! Shadow was there, Sonic jump  kicked shadow and then got his sword out and sliced a bit of shadows flesh off ! Shadow transported behind […]

The attack of the chocolate unicorn

It was a lovely and peaceful day in St.Nicolas road.On Mars there lived a delicious and mouth watering chocolate unicorn. Once there was a child who dreams that it could rain marshmallows,but she dreams a chocolate unicorn would eat all the marshmallows and blow up.The unicorn felt angry and did not make it rain marshmallows and […]

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