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The mole

There was once a mole called Ollie Dirts, and he was a singer that loved donuts, but most of all he absolutely loved digging. Every day he would dig and rummage through the horrible dirt, which he found very good. But one day some bullies, he met backstage were secretly following him. Ollie didn’t know until dirty Dave had ambushed him from the front! “Oh no, how am I going to get out?” Ping!! He had an idea. He would dig up, go forward then dig down. So he did so and pushed through the earth. And he got away. Phew!!

8 Responses to “The mole”

  1. Well don, I enjoyed this Thomas. I actually think it would be great as the text in a picture book. I’d like to read something completely different for your next post. Can you surprise me?

  2. I think your 100 word challenge is great! I think you can improve on some of your vocabulary next time. Well done!

  3. A very good 100wc Thomas but one sentence I didn’t understand. But well done!!!

  4. That was so amazing to read thomaslydd. I think you should put a few more adjectives in. I look forward to your next post.

  5. Very good Thomas, you could have used some more adverbs but apart from that it was brill, keep it up.

  6. Awesome Thomas I loved all of it but you should but more vocabulary kelp it up.You should do something about imagination .

  7. I thought that it was quite humorous. I agree with Emma that you could improve your vocabulary. I enjoyed reading this writing.

  8. Why do moles eat donuts, also your story’s always have a fight in them. :p

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