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The Meteor

Some time ago lived on a place called earth. People had happy lives and were very wealthy. That’s when it all happend. BANG! . A meteor struck the ground pushing it way through the earth. Fire was splashing everywhere  and parents were picking up there children calling for help , bodies were scattered around on the rock solid floor and there I was all alone. I was about to set out to go and find somewhere I would be safe but then WOOSH! Another meteor came flying down and this time it ate right through the earths core  and out.

space_meteor_speed_destruction_65157_1024x1024” Where could I go now?”.

8 Responses to “The Meteor”

  1. Wow, a very dramatic post. I like your description of the fire and how people were reacting. Don’t forget to include question marks though (I added it for you this time).

  2. Wow that was really amazing I like when you was cram and then WHOOSH! Question marks but really good.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this Lola. Maybe you could put some more good vocabulary into it . Look forward to your next post.

  4. I want to find out more it is so good Lola I like the bit at the end. ‘Were could I go now”.

  5. I didn’t get the first bit ” lived on a place on earth” apart from that I loved it 😉

  6. Wow Lola your brill next time don’t forget your question mark apart from that I really enjoyed it I want more.

  7. Hi Lola
    This was a very dramatic , colourful was very creative and your ideas were very clear, helped by your effective vocabulary. I would like to find out what happened next. Well done.

  8. We’ll done Lola you worked hard on this.

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