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The devastating Earthquake


CRACK! The earth beneath my feet shattered into pieces. The horrendous Tsunami sweeps across the land flooding everything in it’s path and causes disrepair.
The irritating tremor travels down through the earth and arrives at the lava pit triggering the eruption.
Lava travelling down flowing faster and faster spits and crackling sounds as it covers the trees tripping a fire storm it continued like never before. Destruction breaks loose.

A week later in mexico the lava was pushing through the earth continuing through the underwater volcano.
As he swam to the bubbling area of the water to his surprise it was Hot extremely hot.

His flesh was burning as I witnessed the disturbing sight as I feel another tremor.

But this one was no ordinary tremor…

10 Responses to “The devastating Earthquake”

  1. What a great post Marshall! You’ve used some amazing wow words. I can’t wait to read your next post. Keep it up!

  2. Wow Marshall that is amazing there are words in there I’ve never even heard of. Well Done!!!!!! I like the word tremor. I’m going to us that in my writing.

  3. Wow Marshall I love the way you started . Maybe for future reference you could add in more of your vocabulary . Keep it up.

  4. Wow, that was great marshal, that’s the best post I’ve read from you, you used great words, keep it up. We’ll done. ( I might magpie some of those great wow words)

  5. We’ll done Marshall great story really liked it!

  6. WOW !!!!!!!!!! Marshall brilliant work you have done excellent for the next peace of work put some more punctuation and then it would be excellent good luck for the next 100 word challenge:)

  7. Wow, Marshall what a great post. I really liked the bit where it said ” triggering the eruption” keep it up.

  8. Wow! This is really good, I particularly liked the use of ellipses on the end. I think that you have thought hard about your use of vocabulary. I also liked the beginning of it when it started with onomatopoeia.

  9. I liked how you started it when it was happening 🙂

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