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The ant attack

It was a windy day in Lydd, every kid was working hard at school.When a boy got up he saw a crack in the carpet. Then he saw it, an ant he screamed in horror. They knew there was an ant attack. At the end of the day he searched the house to see if there was an ant. There was ants alright. Meetings were held across the country to find an answer. Some said that we could get are hoovers and suck the ants in.So it was agreed the country would be ant free. So they cleared everywhere but the classroom, antstill ants.

5 Responses to “The ant attack”

  1. We’ll done Reece! I like the part at the end where everybody gets hovers and they suck up the ants! However I think that maybe next time you could add in some more adverbs and describing words. Very good though!

  2. We’ll done Reece I liked that you used words I have never heard of, but don’t just use full stops and commas, apart of that I found it interesting.

  3. I like it all and there is nothing wrong about it except a tiny bit of spelling

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