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There was a new boy,  in my class and  his name was Jimmy, he had piggy every thing, he was bullied all the time the bully was……….    me. I AM STUPID,  I did not believe him. He said he had power. On July 15th I made the worst mistake of my life. As I strolled along Jimmy just kissed his mum goodbye , I pushed him, called him a piggy bank and stole his money. He was wailing when I had a hard nudge on the back, it was piggy bank’s dad. He took the money back and warned  me as I trudged  into class. JIMMY had snapped inside and he picked me up and started pushing me through the earth! So give everybody  a chance.

4 Responses to “PIGGY”

  1. Well done Bethany, I liked the twist that the bully was you! Please remember to make sure all your “I”s are capitals. Always read through your work and check it thoroughly. I’m looking forward to your next post though!

  2. Well done! Beth I love it!!! “Oink Oink!” keep it up!!!

  3. I liked the moral of your story and how you put it at the end. When you say that you were the bully in the story, we all know that you aren’t in real life!

  4. Ok I will keep my I capitals .

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