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Journey to the center of the earth

It was a normal dull day. I was bored watching the television so I went to the front yard for a little stroll and soon got bored of that too. Then suddenly the ground started to shake, “EARTHQUAKE” I shouted and that couldn’t be right. And if it weren’t a earthquake it was from the lab. I rushed over to the lab. I had seen something no one had seen it was the biggest drill in the world! There I saw it pushing through the earth into the center of the earth I got extremely excited. I ran like mad around the whole thing amazed.

4 Responses to “Journey to the center of the earth”

  1. A very inventive post Shameer, I wanted to know where the drill came from! Don’t forget it’s “it wasn’t” rather than “it weren’t”.
    I’m looking forward to more exciting posts from you though!

  2. Super story shameer ,I liked your idea about a earthquake but you should but in some connectives we’ll done!

  3. Hello Shameer, this is a good interpretation of the key phrase, although I too would like to know where the drill came from. Did it drill upwards from the earth, or downwards from the sky? In which case it must have been attached to a huge base! Hmmm, not easy to miss, that.

    I enjoyed you last sentence. It reminded me of one of those little dogs that runs around in circles trying to catch its tail!

    Well done for this entertaining piece of writing.
    Sarah Team 100WC
    Montpellier, France

  4. We’ll done shameer! I love it!!! Even though you Mind read me and then stole my idea! I think that next time you should make the begging a bit more descriptive and interesting. Very good though! Keep it up!

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