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A sparkle in the distance

I edged down the path wondering what was before me,  it was light or was it? Wondering what it was I put my attention onto the light trying to guess what it was. Suddenly I was forced to step closer to the light by a gentle nudge in the back from the people behind me but I was scared so I stepped back. I looked around me, there were solid walls with drapes of dark green and light green covering most of the rock like a blanket over a bed. Then it was my  turn to walk into the light.

2 Responses to “A sparkle in the distance”

  1. I enjoyed this post Jacob…excellent spelling! I thought you used the word ‘light’ a little too often at the start of the post. Do you think you could have found a more powerful alternative? Well done!

  2. I agree and will keep that in my mind for next time, thank you!

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