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The Motorbike

I was trudging back to my car, I’d just left an Artic Monkeys concert. It was a dark night, pitch black, the trees were surrounding me from top to bottom, I couldn’t see a thing!  Suddenly a blinding light flashed in front of my eyes, everything was clear, I could see everything. The trees an orangey green  colour, above me was a ragged shed, waiting to fall. What was the blinding light? It was a motorbike, but who was on it? Would they hurt me? What did they want? I ran, I fled in the opposite direction, scared,  afraid and alone!

5 Responses to “The Motorbike”

  1. Well done Maya. I particularly liked the longer sentences and you used some great wow words like ‘trudging’. Keep it up!

  2. Wow that was brill Maya. I liked the way you put loads of brilliant wow words.

  3. Lovely wow words Maya love the way you have loads of questions it really helps move the suspense on !
    Didn’t think that you did anything wrong on it.
    Well done maya great story!

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