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The Great War

a tankIn the year 2098 Russia was at war with the English, most of the Russians had state of the art tanks and the earth shook as the tanks rolled clumsily into war. the English were firing like mad.Back at America the council had a negotiation they were deciding whether or not to go to war the next day the Americans decided to go to war so they lit the beacons of grey rock(a mountain) meetings were held across the country to find an answer. The Americans took three days to get to England by that time the English had already driven back enemy ranks, so they all went back to their homes.

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  1. It’s fricky fricky fresh!!!!!!!! LOL

  2. What an interesting 100wc. Have you been learning about the Great War (1914-18) in class? We still use tanks in warfare today but I wonder how it will be different in 2098.

    I really like your sentence – “lit the beacons of grey rock” – although I’m not quite sure how they would do that. If you’re story is set in the future maybe they actually do have way of lighting stone on fire – scary!

    Watch out for full stops – they’re easy to forget. If you take a breathe or pause when you’re reading your work out loud then you probably need some more punctuation.

    Miss Malone (Team 100wc)

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