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The big robbery

There once lived a king and queen in a huge castle with many expensive jewels and special materials. But one day something really bad happened, there was a heist at the castle with many thieves, and over £6,000,000 was stolen from the safe at the bottom of the castle. Meetings were held across the country to find an answer who did this and why. This tragedy was remembered for years and the robbers were never found which was bad because they would of had a life sentence in prison. This caused major destruction and the king and the queen were poor for months and nearly had a chance of starving to death.

10 Responses to “The big robbery”

  1. this is cool please viset me on

  2. Wow, you are really building suspense into your writing. Think about how you could use a range of punctuation to develop your writing further.
    A great 100 wc entry – well done.

  3. This is a really good story Callum, well done.
    I love how you have used words like heist and tragedy, this shows great vocabulary.

  4. Wow Callum! That is a lot of money, that has been stolen!!!

  5. Wow Callum your writing was so good even the 100WC team commented on this! Keep up some good work like this one!

  6. Well written Callum, maybe next time you could add some adverbs and adjectives.

  7. We’ll done Callum I like it all.

  8. Thank you Reece I loved writing it.

  9. Why them it’s so un fair! 🙁

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