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Super sonic scream!

We all ran for our lives, we were playing a deadly game of tag. Shadow skidded for Sonic!Sonic did a triple back flip and kicked shadow in the head! Shadow got serious, stole a plane and tried to kill Sonic. He screamed for his life,”ahhhhhggggggggrrrrrrrrr”. Everybody got water pistols and flooded the whole arena and all we could see was water. Just then he heard a shrill scream and the next thing they knew they saw Amy with her hammer screaming at the top of her voice. Silver dodged just in time to miss. But they forgot about the plane, it let off a bomb and destroyed everything.

6 Responses to “Super sonic scream!”

  1. I love it Thomas! Great 100 word challenge!

  2. I enjoyed this writing Thomas. I can see you’ve tried to use a range of vocabulary, I particularly liked “shrill scream”. I look forward to your next blog post.

  3. Hi Thomas,
    You have written a very good story for this weeks 100 word challenge.
    It is full of action, which is reflected in your vocabulary and punctuation.
    Well done keep up the good work.
    Libby (team 100wc)

  4. I loved this work thomaslydd you really thought about this and when you do do your best work it is amazing

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