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Join our Year 5’s book club ‘Bookworms’ and read our recommended books! (Only if your going to take it seriously)

The Time Capsule

I unpacked the boxes. I was unloading the furniture for the kitchen, such as , cups, plates, bowls, cutlery and all of our utensils. We had just moved in to our new house on Sycamore Close. It was a sunny Sunday morning, and the removal van had just left so we could unpack. I placed […]

The mole

There was once a mole called Ollie Dirts, and he was a singer that loved donuts, but most of all he absolutely loved digging. Every day he would dig and rummage through the horrible dirt, which he found very good. But one day some bullies, he met backstage were secretly following him. Ollie didn’t know […]


Spencer and Jack are the fastest cars in the world,  in fact they are formula 1 cars but one day something changed there lives!Pushing through the earth they zoomed through Brands hatch head on head until  their worst enemy shot past them. His name was called”Leon egg head “, Well thats what they called him, apparently […]

The devastating Earthquake

CRACK! The earth beneath my feet shattered into pieces. The horrendous Tsunami sweeps across the land flooding everything in it’s path and causes disrepair. The irritating tremor travels down through the earth and arrives at the lava pit triggering the eruption. Lava travelling down flowing faster and faster spits and crackling sounds as it covers the […]

The Meteor

Some time ago lived on a place called earth. People had happy lives and were very wealthy. That’s when it all happend. BANG! . A meteor struck the ground pushing it way through the earth. Fire was splashing everywhere  and parents were picking up there children calling for help , bodies were scattered around on the […]

The evil worm

“Today class we will be looking at worms.” Mr Ball yawned in a grey  voice. ” Sir I don’t like worms they’re horrendously slimy!” groaned Bella  putting her head in her hands. ” Bella  don’t use that tone with me. Now come over here to see the worm pushing through the earth,” said Mr Ball […]

Sonic vs Shadow 2 !

It was a normal day, Sonic was running frantically, he was so fast it was almost as if he was invisible… Shadow came out of nowhere! Launched himself high within the air, sonic came shooting down! He plunged his fist deep in shadow’s face, pushing through the earth. Round the corner Tails was waiting. Sonic joined him in his plane heading […]

Journey to the center of the earth

It was a normal dull day. I was bored watching the television so I went to the front yard for a little stroll and soon got bored of that too. Then suddenly the ground started to shake, “EARTHQUAKE” I shouted and that couldn’t be right. And if it weren’t a earthquake it was from the lab. I rushed […]


There was a new boy,  in my class and  his name was Jimmy, he had piggy every thing, he was bullied all the time the bully was……….    me. I AM STUPID,  I did not believe him. He said he had power. On July 15th I made the worst mistake of my life. As I strolled along Jimmy just […]

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