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The Timeless Storm


    The Timeless Storm

I am the dark lord of all above I am the terror of the sky
I am the blocker of the sun
My terror will force you underground

I am the terminator of all
You shall try to avoid me
You will always fail

I have forks of lightning
Murdering the land
I am evil

I am devastation
Ruler of all
I am the boot
and you are
The pitiful ant
What will stop me…


4 Responses to “The Timeless Storm”

  1. Well done Thomas! I like your first paragraph and how you put the forks of lightning!

  2. i really like it, well done

  3. This is a very powerful poem Thomas. I particularly liked the line about the boot and the ant. Keep it up!

  4. I love it Thomas! I liked the fork part! very good keep it up !

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